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BongRong is a community with an aim to work tirelessly to bring contemporary Bengal lifestyle and culture on the world wide web. We are based in Kolkata, the heart of Bengal and we are reaching out to everyone in Bengal to lend a supporting hand in achieving our goal. Our journey starts today (1.1.15) at the dawn of a new year and BongRong hopes to have your suggestions and support in our fight ahead. Together, we shall conquer.


How Can You Help?


At the begining of our journey, BongRong has eight sections that we are concentrating on (Please check the navigation tab above).We plan to start working on events, books and photography sections next. With a goal to publish at least two articles in every section per week, BongRong will need you to take up your pen and let loose the creative flow. BongRong is obligated to show every writers profile at the end of the article.


A magazine needs a unique and cutting-edge visual presentation to attract readers and we will never deny that reality. If you are a designer or a painter with some free time in hand, feel free to contact us. BongRong will always have something waiting for your creative art. BongRong is obligated to use your personal watermark in any design or artwork you make and have your name(with profile hyperlink) mentioned at the end of the related article.


: Disclaimers : 

All writing and images used in BongRong is the creative and legal property of the respective creators. Some images are taken off the internet and are always edited and retouched to add visual spices corresponding to the related articles. In those cases, we hold no copyright and are ready to provide due credit if the claim is supported through legitimate evidence.


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We thank all the contributors.